Spiritual growth, growing in your understanding of God and yourself, friendly loving people, a home away from home, a safe place to question and explore what your faith means to you, is this what you are looking for?  We are a small, community of Christians, nestled in the residential area of "old" Walnut Creek. We have a vision and a goal to make the love of God known in our community. 

      We know we are surrounded by people who are searching for more in their lives. Many people  are open to God, and are wondering how they can nurture their spiritual lives. We try to provide an environment where you and your children can grow in your spiritual lives. Everyone is welcome!

      We value honesty, genuine seeking, tolerance of others who think differently, loving open relationships, and an accepting environment that welcomes all people. Every week we focus on how the Scriptures help us in our daily lives.  Our members and friends of St Luke's come from many different denominational backgrounds. 

We have a history of being a church that seeks healing in all areas of our lives. We live in a broken world and we can find ourselves damaged by the harsh realities of life. Prayer for healing, whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual, is offered at every service. Spiritual growth is not always easy and without it’s own kind of peculiar pain. It is easy for us to get into the mind set that Christianity is suppose to make me feel better.

Jesus did not come to make us feel better Jesus came to transform us. Our faith is primarily a way of transformation. As we follow Christ, as we open ourselves up to the transforming healing influences of the Spirit of God, we change. We become more of who we were created to be. The real you emerges. The ‘you’ that is not  hidden by fear or anxiety or control.

If you are looking for a place to worship, just curious, or simply enjoying the Bay area while on vacation, come and worship with us this Sunday.  We are intentional about including children in our worship.  Worship is at 9:00 am  Sunday morning.

            May the presence of Christ be with you! Pastor Glenda